Book-matched Quartzite Arrives at Mainstream Granite with a Bang !!

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We’re delighted to show you the newest arrivals this month of our premium quartzite range, hand picked by us with a fabulous polished finish exuding class & sophistication especially for you:

White Macaubas Vein Cut - Quartzite from Mainstream Granite Ltd
White Macaubas – Vein Cut Quartzite is a white background stone with ivory tints and a vein combination in greys, whites and ivory providing a unique marble look and glassy finish that will dazzle users and onlookers.


White Macaubas Cross Cut - Quartzite from Mainstream Granite Ltd
White Macaubas Cross Cut – Quartzite – is quarried in Northern Brazil, as can be seen here it’s also available in a cross cut version known as ‘Calacatta Brazil’ or ‘Calacatta quartzite’ which is achieved by cutting the block of stone transversally.


Mont Blanc - Quartzite from Mainstream Granite Ltd
Mont Blanc – Quartzite,  an extraordinary stone with its white background accented with veins of dark to medium gray and subtle crystalline features adds a glamorous and sophisticated feel.
Adamantium - Quartzite from Mainstream Granite Ltd
Adamantium is a rare grey quartzite from Brazil, a striking durable structured natural stone. Its beauty is characterised by a grey background with fine brown and white veins.

We are happy to report that as well as being premium quality with a supreme polished finish we can also announce the White Macaubas & Mont Blanc range are available to you book-matched.

Accompanying our newest arrivals is the gorgeous Adamantium another Brazilian Quartzite finished to perfection in Italy, which we think is simply stunning and our newest selection of Bianco Carrara Select Marble and the lovely Fantastic White Granite add to our immediately available stock on site in Sudbury, Suffolk. We think you’ll be impressed with our selection as these are sure to be favourites with customers.

Fantastic White - Granite from Mainstream Granite Ltd

Fantastic White – Granite is a beautiful neutral coloured piece. With its cream background accented with blushes of light to dark brown, it is sure to fit in any setting.

      • You can come and see for yourself or book an appointment with customers to see the true beauty of these fantastic stones and pick your favourite.


Mainstream Granite Ltd Sudbury Suffolk
Continuing to add more stone every week to cater for all our customers needs.
  • At Mainstream Granite we are dedicated to ensuring our clients have access to premium products at reasonable prices – we continue to source only the best stone for our clients, constantly scouring the globe, adding to our repertoire of amazing Granite, Quartz, Marble and Quartzite.

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River White, Black Forrest, Terra Bianco & Ivory Fantasy

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This month we have the fantastic River White, Ivory Fantasy, Terra Bianco and Black Forrest to shout about, we think you’ll enjoy them too!

July 2018

All 4 of these beautiful granites can be used in practically any installation, they are able to command presence as a focal point, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing and subtle with their surroundings, marrying up with the majority of colour schemes to fit in with any application.
We welcome viewings at the yard, open 8am – until 4pm Mon-Fri.

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Black Forest – available now (3cm).

Ivory Fantasy – available now (3cm).

River White – available now (3cm).

Terra Bianco – available now (3cm).

This month we have some unmissable offers available on our Absolute Blackrange, available in 2cm and 3cm, polished, leathered or honed. Call us today to find out more – 01787 881202.

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Fantastic Granites ready for summer and beyond !

New Materials at Mainstream Granite Ltd
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Australian White   30mm – 2.87 x 1.68
Bianco Antique   30mm – 2.98 x 1.90
Bianco Romano   30mm – 3.11 x 1.95
Black Forrest   30mm – 3.38 x 1.93
Labrador Antique   30mm – 3.39 x 1.94
Shivakashi Ivory   30mm – 3.19 x 1.90
Thunder White   30mm – 3.05 x 1.95
White Piracema   30mm – 3.05 x 1.72
Australian White 30mm – 2.87 x 1.68
Bianco Antique 30mm – 2.98 x 1.90
Bianco Romano 30mm – 3.11 x 1.95
Black Forrest 30mm – 3.38 x 1.93
Labrador Antique 30mm – 3.39 x 1.94
Shivakashi Ivory 30mm – 3.19 x 1.90
Thunder White 30mm – 3.05 x 1.95
White Piracema 30mm – 3.05 x 1.72
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New Quartz product – **** Stardust ****

Mainstream Granite – Monthly Newsletter
Good morning,

Our range of Granite, Marble and Quartz are ever evolving, please keep updated through our Website , Twitter and Facebook pages for new arrivals.

The introduction of our Exclusive Calacutta range has proved popular, we are pleased to announce a further addition to our fabulous Novae Stone Quartz Range – Star Dust White, bursting with that luxurious designer appeal, fused with glittering fine glass and mirror.

Star Dust Quartz

Slab sizes 3.21m x 1.61m available in 2cm & 3cm.

Contact us to place your order or any additional information, questions or sample requests.

This month we have special offers on the following Granites –

Antique Brown Extra – 2cm & 3cm
Amber White – 3cm
Artic Storm – 2cm & 3cm
Azul California – 3cm
Azul Noche – 3cm
Tramonto – 3cm
Verde Floresta – 3cm

We look forward to hearing from you soon, don’t forget the yard in Sudbury is open for your customers to hand pick their stone mon- fri 8am until 4pm.

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Mainstream Granite introduces our very own Calacatta Quartz

We are excited to announce the arrival of our very own branded Calacatta Quartz! Designed and developed by Mainstream Granite and available exclusively through us.  Both products have a PURE WHITE SETTING with a natural detailed vein and are available in 2 & 3cm Jumbo slabs (3.2 x 1.6m)

Calacatta Bianco Legero

Calacatta Bianco Grigio

Please call for more information – 01787 881202